Sunday, 22 May 2011

Potential Audience.

Potential Audience.

The target audience for my music video is families and all age groups.
I have discussed then plans with the following people:

My Mum and Dad – Ian and Helen
My sister - Emma
My aunt and uncle Simon and Deborah
My friends – Daisy, Molly, Leah,
My friends parents – Jane and Steve.
My Grandparents – Ron and Freda.
My college tutor *******#
My cousins aged 11and 15.

I want to ensure that the planning of the story and shoots will ensure the widest possible audience. I have reviewed my plans with as wide a range of people available to me.
The Age range is 11 to 80.

The feedback has been very positive towards my objectives.
Comments have been.

La Bamba is a good fun song to use.
The song appeals to most age groups and will work well.
There is a lot of work in managing the number of people for the shoot.
You need to be careful with planning the day.

I regularly discuss my plans with all the people above.

Rough Cut feedback

Rough Cut feedback Comment.

I planned very carefully the editing of the Video ensuring my storyline was followed.
The rough cut version was a very good starting point for feedback and was very close to the final cut.

I prepared a short checklist to record the feedback on the rough cut.

  1. Are the objectives of the Music Video achieved?
  2. What do you think of the quality of editing? Is it a smooth transition between scenes?
  3. Are the singers lips synchronised with the music?
  4. Do you see any obvious problems within the scenes?
  5. How does it make you feel?
  6. Does it make you smile?

I asked these questions to my college friends, family  and somestaff.

The feedback was very good.

  • Objectives of the Music video are met.
  • Some scenes needed to be trimmed as my sister’s dress was hanging funny.
  • The lips were synchronised ok except one scene. But I was unable to change this.
  • The Music video is very funny. Everyone fed this back to me.

The feedback was very useful  and allowed me to make some very minor changes.

I was very pleased because the Final Cut was had not changed from the Rough cut. This has given me confidence with my planning of the shoots and editing.

The choice between rough cut and Final cut was very easy for me base upon the feedback received. I had only to do some very minor changes.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Evaluation Heather Barral

In What ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

I believe we used and met the conventions of real media products for my music video.
I wanted to create a ‘happy and fun’ themed Music video in much the same way as Groups such as the Micheal Buble and Monkees from the 1960s around the time of
I have aimed to meet all of Goodwins Points within my production of La Bamba.
Ritchie Valans is dead and I have no videos from him to study that’s why I have used others for my study. I have assumed that La Bamba would have had a latin theme to sell the artist. Selling the Artist –  The singer ‘Simon’ in my DVD is the main theme throughout. He is seen singing and playing his guitar and is shown in close up. Lyrics/Visuals – The lyrics of La Bamba are all about having fun. Although it is sung in Spanish I have highlighted ‘fun’ throughout the Video. This is achieved by the dancing and the party clothes. I ensured that the actors were given sufficient time to learn the words of the song. Music/Visuals – The video scenes have been shot in time to the music. I made sure that the actors rehearsed the song and were able to move with the beat. The latin nature of the song and the colourful party clothes enabled this point to be met. Intertextuality – I wanted to refer to themes in a fun music video as per Micheal Buble .
Voyerism – As La Bamba is a family Music Video I did not introduce the ‘female’ body as a main theme. Although there is dancing by very well dressed girls and ladies and one of them has a bit of a wiggly dance. Genre – The genre of the song is Latin and sung in Spanish. Latin songs are fun and lots of colour and dancing. It is a very much a summer theme. My video was shot on the hottest spring day for years and this adds to the latin genre. Selling the artist was the objective of the Video so I went for Fun and colour and by luck the sunshine. The convention for Latin music is sun, sea, sand and attractive people with a  rich blend of colour. Due to constraints on my location I compensated for the sea and sand by using colour, fun and rhythm within my Town centre home.
In this respect I have challenged the convention of a real media product which would be sea, sand and sun.

How effective is the combination of your main product an ancilliary texts?

I feel the combination between my advert and DVD and video is very strong.
The objective is to sell the artist. Therefore the advert and the digi pack focus on the Artist. The guitar theme is seen throughout the video. The theme of dancing is brought out in the advert and digipack. The picture of the singer is taken from the video so the target audience to link the artist from the video.

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Audience feedback has been very positive. They liked the fun nature of the video and the humour. Feedback on how I was able to coordinate the large number of people in the video to get them moving together. Feedback on the Lip syncing was provided by a few people. This was very difficult to achieve as the song was sung in Spanish.
It was reported that more focus on the foot movement pan would have been better as it was rather short. The feedback was mainly provided by Families however my fellow students really like the production. Media students are often very critical of others work so this was considered very good feedback. People like the slightly speeded up scenes going up the stairs as this made it very funny. The scenes on the settee were very well received. Constructive feedback on the end scene mentioned that it could have been longer with more time focusing on the artist. It was just a waive in the video.
I didn’t have enough time to re-edit the scenes. Some of the outtakes were very funny and feedback was given that I should have included some of these. The audience generally liked the magazine and digipack images. Some feedback suggested that it should have been in colour to reflect the colourful nature of the video. This is very useful feedback as I can see that it might have been better to have the colourful dancers in the background.
Cast members were surprised by the small amount of footage compared with the amount of filming which took a whole day. I shot around 90mins of footage for the different scenes. The cast were at my home for a full day and I had to provide meals and drinks throughout and it was very exhausting for everyone. I could have taken less footage but I wanted to be certain to get the best quality footage possible.
The overall conclusion is that there are a number of learnings from video which I can take away for next time.

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

I used many different form technology throughout my project. This included Final Cut Express, Blogger, Video camera and Photoshop. All these were used to help construct and edit the video. I mainly used the internet for my research for example Wikipedia and Youtube. These sites were very helpful in finding examples of  performances over the years.
When I was planning my video I used Blogger. This allowed effective posting of my updates and want I wanted to achieve.
A new skill I have learned is using Final Cut Express effectively. I feel I could put together my video successfully and have developed my skills in this area.
I believe I’m now a reasonable user of Photoshop although there is still much to learn.
I now understand how to change the colour, font size and manipulate images quickly.
I feel my strongest knowledge is with the camera and tripod. I feel very confident in using this technology and understand its limitations. For example how to position the camera on a bright sunny day.

DVD cover and magazine advert

Final music video


I need to think about which shot is suitable in my videos at which times.I found this video and youtube and it is good as it shows lots of different examples of shots from real films that I will be trying to achieve in my video.
The editing I will be thinking about is

  • Jump cut
  • Continuity editing
  • Cross cutting
  • Match on action
  • Cutaways
  • Juxtaposition etc..

Target Audience research.

You need to have a clear target audience when creating a product so it will sale. You then need to directs sales to an age-range and type of person. You need to become familiar with your target market; their habits, behaviors, likes, and dislikes.
Here are some examples of different target audiences - 

Jay Sean - Down. There is very much a target audience of teeneges and young adults.This is highlighted by the dancing,boy and girl love story and the lyrics about being in a club scene.

ABBA - Dancing Queen is a wide target audience and perhaps gearing towards the family audience.

Also songs like bulid me up buttercup would have a family target audience through there videos however there was never one made.  

I want to have a family audience in my video as it is an old song and is fast,cheerful and suitable for everyone.